Music at St Mary's

We are very fortunate to have a specialty Music teacher at St Mary's. Mrs Grainger runs a number of extra curricular groups as well as in-class Music lessons.

St Mary's Choirs

St Mary's Allcomers Choir. (Year 4 and 5 students). There are no auditions for this choir. Students are enjoying learning how to sing as a group, hold their parts when singing a round and having fun learning new songs.

St Mary's Voices. Year 5 and 6 students had to audition for this choir (formerly known as the APPA choir). Unfortunately the APPA Choir festival - like many things in 2020 - was cancelled. However we are committed to finding other performance opportunities for this choir. St Mary's Voices are learning a repertoire ready for our music showcase.

Worship Band

Worship Band are busy revising known and learning new music for school masses.

Ukulele Group

This is open for students Year 3 and up. Students can be absolute beginners or more experienced players. They can bring their own ukulele or use one in the music room. All welcome.

Bucket Drumming Group

Year 5 and 6 students can sign up for this group (limited numbers)

Music Showcase

St Mary's will be having a Music Showcase ( dates TBC)

Music Website

This class website is available for students to access. It contains resources for the children to practise at home and use in Music class or Music groups during the week.

Ukulele Festival 2019

Kid Sing Festival 2019