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Digital Learning at St Mary's

At St Mary’s Catholic School we aim to prepare our students by providing them with life skills that will prepare them to take their place in the world. In our ever changing and adapting world technology is becoming more and more prevalent. Our students are exposed to a range of digital opportunities, allowing them to learn the necessary 21st century skills to participate in our digital world.

In the junior school (Years 0-2) the children have access to i-pads. These provide opportunities for the children to learn how to operate an i-pad, research skills, and use a variety of apps to support and further their learning in the different curriculum areas.

From Years 3-6, the students have the opportunity of BYOD (bring your own devices) as well as access to school chromebooks. This allows for 1:1 devices within these areas of the school. The students are taught how to access content safely online, create and share their learning, and act appropriately in online settings.

The use of digital technology and exploration of the digital technology curriculum strand allows for the students to explore their creativity and share their learning and knowledge in new and exciting ways.

As staff we have been undergoing some amazing professional development through Core Education. This means that our knowledge is also developing and we are up to date with current pedagogical practices.

BYOD - Digital Devices in 2023

For 2023, we are asking our Year 3 learners who opt-in to BYOD (and older learners who are replacing a BYOD device) to please purchase a Chromebook.

After reviewing the digital devices that we currently used at school, we have decided to streamline the classroom devices. A Chromebook runs Google's Chrome operating system this allows learners to access the internet and google applications. These devices work similar to a laptop.

We are aware that BYOD can be a considerable expense for a family when there are multiple siblings or when you are replacing a device. Please shop around and look for 'Back to School' and 'Boxing Day' deals, or consider a refurbished Chromebook. Some suppliers have very good guides to help you choose the right device for your child.

We have made contact with a selection of suppliers to assist you in your BYOD decision making.

BYOD Recommendations

2023 BYOD Handout (1).pdf

PB Tech

Instructions for PB Tech portal:

  • Click on BYOD page of the website, search for our school name.

  • PBTech BYOD coupon code: BYOD2023

Noel Leeming

Sign up to Noel Leeming BYOD Membership for special pricing.


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