School Uniform

Students are expected to come to school and return home in the correct school uniform. The school uniform is very smart and students are expected to take pride in wearing it.

The way the students wear their uniform reflects their pride in their school.  Our high expectations require a high standard of dress at all times and the support of parents is necessary in order to maintain those expectations.

Students must bring a note if they are wearing any item of incorrect school uniform, including footwear.


Hair must be well groomed and clean. Shoulder length or longer hair must be tied back. Uniforms including shoes should be clean and maintained. Students should maintain daily hygiene practices. Nail polish is not allowed. Jewellery is restricted to small discreet earrings and a watch. A cross or culturally significant pendant is allowed.

Changeover from one season uniform to another varies according to the weather. Notice of uniform changeover will come from the school office.

Summer Uniform

Uniforms are available to purchase from:

The School Uniform Centre

The Second Hand Boutique

Important Update

Letter from the Board 5 September 2023

Winter Uniform








Sports Uniforms: 

The uniform is available from the School Uniform Centre.

Team Uniforms:

Team uniform requirements will be communicated through coaches.

Fundraising Hoody:

The Community in Action group have sourced a screen printed hooded sweatshirt over the last few years. This is not an official St Mary's uniform item, but may be worn with the PE/Team uniforms.


Sunhats are compulsory in summer  (Terms 1 and 4) and must be worn. 

Both styles are available to be purchased from the School Uniform Centre.


There is an optional St Mary's waterproof winter jacket available at the School Uniform Centre.