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Contact Us

St Mary's Catholic School Ellerslie

58 Main Highway Ellerslie

PO BOX 11269 Ellerslie


Contact Our Staff

All staff have the same email format - , if there are two staff with the same first name, their surname initial will also be used for the more recent employee. Our BOT chairperson can also be contacted using this formula.

If you need to contact the office, all admin staff have access to . Please do not use email for urgent  or emergency communications, a phone call to the school office (09-5798937) is a more reliable way to ensure the message is received. 

If you are communicating an absence or medical issue, please use the admin account as the primary contact point, rather than a classroom teacher.

If you need to contact the principal, you can email .

If in doubt, please 'cc' the admin office, who will ensure the email is redirected if needed.