Enrichment Learning

Enrichment Learning at St Mary's

"To dream and to plan, to be curious about the future and to wonder how much it can be influenced by our efforts are important aspects of being human."

Dr. E Paul Torrance, founder of FPSNZ

At St Mary’s School we have always valued the various talents of our students. We aim to foster their love of learning by providing programmes that motivate and challenge their thinking. An example of these are -

Future Problem Solving

We have been involved in FPS for nearly twenty years. We have competitive and noncompetitive teams working with futuristic problems. They work collaboratively to identify challenges and come up with creative solutions.

“Future Problem Solving is a highly regarded and well-researched international educational program that develops creative, critical and caring thinking skills in students from Year 5 – Year 13. Students grapple with global and community issues, identify underlying problems and create positive solutions to those issues. Above all, it aims to give young people the skills to design and promote positive futures as citizens of the 21st Century.” (FPS Website)

EPro8 Challenge

This challenge is to engineer, problem solve and innovate and involves Year 5 - 13 students. It is usually an inter school programme but we were lucky enough to have all of our Years 5 and 6 children involved in 2020. In 2021 all our senior students had the opportunity to explore EPro8 with our EPro8 school equipment.

2019 Auckland Finalists

2020 School Event Winners

2020 School Event Winners

2020 School Event

EPro8 2021

Prayer Garden Artists

We are fortunate to have an artist on our staff and she worked with a group of creative children to paint boards to brighten up our prayer garden.

Additional Activities and Programmes

Additional activities and programmes St Mary’s regularly participates in include Otago Maths, Kids Lit Quiz, APPA Speech Competition, Proclaiming the Word, ARTerslie, NYLD (National Young Leaders Day) and Sports’ Teams participating in the Remuera Zone Competitions.