Shop - Kindo

Our online Kindo school shop means you can order sushi, school lunches and sausage sizzles, support fundraisers and make other school payments and purchases easily.

  • Lunches (Monday and Friday only) can be ordered for just one day, or multiple days in advance.

  • The website is open 24/7

  • Call the Kindo helpdesk on freephone 0508 454 636 (0508 4 KINDO) if need a hand, or email

  • Please note, some school payments eg. Attendance Dues, Special Catholic Character Contribution, Building Fund and Parent Contribution are only able to be paid directly to the school office (in person or internet banking).

Monday Lunches

Hot and Cold lunches are available every Monday (commencing 17th August 2020). You choose your items (hot pasta, sandwiches, fruit, baked goods etc) and complete your payment at the checkout. Your order will be delivered to the school fresh in time for lunch !

Friday Sushi Lunches

Sushi lunches are available every Friday. You choose your sushi pack and complete your payment at the checkout. Your order will be delivered to the school in time for lunch!


Education Essentials Limited is our school supplier for stationery. They are linked as a shop to our school Kindo. You can purchase your child’s stationary to be delivered to school.

Ice Block Fridays (Term 1 & 4)

The Community in Action group sells lemonade ice blocks at morning tea on Fridays during terms 1 and 4. These are available to purchase on Kindo for $1. They will be delivered to your child’s classroom just before morning tea.

Multi Ordering

Using the calendar icon, you can order the same item for a number of different lunch days. When you click on the calendar, it will show you all the dates that particular item is available on. Simply select your ordering dates and proceed to checkout to complete your order.


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