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Inquiry Learning at St Mary's

Catholic School

"The meaning of ‘knowing’ has shifted from being able to remember and repeat information to being able to find and use it.” (National Research Council) Our teachers are currently faced with the challenge that previous notions of knowledge, minds and learning  are no longer able to serve a world where what we know is less important that what we are able to do with knowledge in different contexts. 

At St Mary’s School we place great importance on the essentials of Numeracy, Literacy and Religious Education and we now hope to enhance and enrich learning experiences, in all of the essential learning areas through the use of our Inquiry Learning Model. Inquiry is not merely ‘having students do projects’ but aims to nurture deep, discipline-based way of thinking and doing with students.  It involves students tackling real-world questions and issues; developing questioning, research and communication skills; solving problems or creating solutions; collaborating within and beyond the classroom; developing deep understanding of content knowledge; participating in the society to create and improve ideas and knowledge. 

Consequently, as a result of an improved way of teaching we also aim to promote the development of the Key Competencies and Learner Habits and increase student agency and engagement, resulting in improved progress and achievement.