St Mary's Catholic School Ellerslie - We provide a Catholic Education for the whole child

Our Principal's Promise

Saira Boyle - Principal 

Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic School, where our mission is to provide a Catholic education for the whole child. Our school is an integral part of a vibrant community which includes our parish and the wider community of Ellerslie. We are committed to ensuring our school is a safe place of joy and wonder, where all students are afforded opportunities to grow and learn in a holistic manner.

As school Principal, I am passionate about our young people feeling safe, being accepted for who they are and being challenged and stretched to accelerate learning and develop as a whole person. I aim to lead a school where the barriers of a traditional and restricting education are broken down so that all of our young people are nurtured and cared for as unique and diverse individuals. 

Our goal is to provide a holistic educational experience for each member of our learning community. We respect and acknowledge diversity, and recognise progress and achievement occurs in the formal and informal ways. Consequently, students are offered a diverse curriculum with value placed on Literacy, Numeracy, The Arts and Culture, in order to give each child opportunities to experience a range of new opportunities and develop their God given talents.

We strive to provide learning experiences that meet the needs of FUTURE FOCUSSED learners, build capability through collaboration, invest in people and innovation, provide learners with rich rigour and challenge, whilst being underpinned with digital technology in a culturally rich, authentic context.

Our Vision for Learning is based on four future focussed cornerstones for learning, which are COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, CREATE and CONNECT. These cornerstones for learning are built around our school values and our house patrons, which ensure that the school’s strong Special Catholic Character is explicitly interwoven into all aspects of our learning and they are underpinned with opportunities for eLearning.

Our motto, ‘love to learn and learn to love’ sits in our school crest and is a simple yet effective message of what our core business is; learning in a Catholic, values based learning community. We wish for our students to be life long learners as they graduate our school.

 At St Mary’s Catholic School we promote the development of a Growth Mindset for all where:

School Leaders support teachers’ learning and development. There is a focus on building capacity. We are responsive and open to honest feedback. We seek to build our own skills, and are willing to learn from our teachers.

Teachers collaborate with colleagues and instructional leaders, rather than close classroom doors and work alone. The practice of teaching and learning is de-privatised. Teachers strive to strengthen their own practice. They truly believe that all students can learn and succeed—and demonstrate this belief openly.

Parents and Whānau support their children’s learning both inside and outside the classroom. They work with teachers and respond to outreach resulting in educationally powerful partnerships. We support home-school partnerships that promote less worry about advocating for their children to achieve good grades and focus on making sure students are being appropriately challenged and put in the effort required to grow.

Students are happy, enthusiastic, hard-working, persistent learners. They take ownership and responsibility over their own success.

I encourage you to come and speak to me and make a connection at any time. People are at the heart of all I strive to achieve.

We are more than just a school,