St Mary's Catholic School Ellerslie - We provide a Catholic Education for the whole child

Providing a Catholic Education for the Whole Child


At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School we recognise that we are all part of a Professional Learning Community.


As a professional learning community, at St Mary’s we work collaboratively to examine and improve our own practice in order to make a difference to student outcomes and achievement. We believe effective professional learning communities can develop the professional culture at St Mary’s by:

·     building the dynamic relationships that are needed to collaborate, inquire, reflect, and act to carry out a school-improvement program;

·     engaging educators at all levels in collective, consistent, and context-specific learning;

·     addressing inequities in teaching and learning opportunities by supporting teachers who work with students requiring the most assistance; and

·     promoting efforts to improve outcomes in relation to school and system culture, teacher practice, and student learning.


We endeavor to ensure our professional learning community is based upon a data informed, standards driven model. Staff are encouraged to reflect honestly and openly together about their own practice, intentionally seeking ways to do their work better and continually building their capacity to do so. We strive for continual growth and learning, in order to meet the demands of the ever changing school environment.

Professional Learning Communities are about continuous improvement through de-privatisation of practice