St Mary's Catholic School Ellerslie - We provide a Catholic Education for the whole child

St Mary’s Board of Trustees Members


The members of the St Mary’s Board of Trustees are:

Roger Shearer Chairperson / Parent Representative
Saira Boyle Principal (
Gail Christie Staff Representative
Father Joy Thottamkara Proprietor’s Representative
Bernard Liddington Proprietor’s Representative
Judy MacMenigall Proprietor’s Representative
Sr Leone McIndoe Proprietor’s Representative
Amanda Griffiths Parent Representative
Jeff Martin Parent Representative
Jason Moss Parent Representative
James Willoughby Parent Representative
Elizabeth Dixon Minutes Secretary


The Board of Trustees can be contacted through the School Secretary, Kate Rogers at  Please note that all concerns regarding the management or day to day running of St Mary’s Catholic School should be directed to Mrs Saira Boyle, as principal, in the first instance,